So since early high school I can remember watching so many YouTubers and just wanting to do what they were doing and I just wanted to get myself involved.

I found the whole idea of YouTube so fascinating and I just wanted to do one myself. However at that age especially, you worry about what everyone thinks of you.

I feel there is something very intimidating about doing something that not a lot of people would think about doing themselves, which is a shame because we should push ourselves and each other to do exactly that and be excited and have a sense of pride in doing so.

I struggled with self confidence and trying to ‘fit in’, even now, I still worry about not fitting in. However, I don’t know why I’d want to fit in to be the same as everyone else (that’s boring) when I can be myself surrounded by my own bubble of people who like me for being me?

When I first started up my blog I was nervous and really worried about what people would say and I knew that if I wanted to do well I had to put the idea of negativity and judgment from others Aside. In the very short but amazing months so far since starting up my blog and starting this journey, I’ve met so many amazing people, been invited to exciting events and getting to work with some well established brands. And I don’t think I could be happier or more proud of myself for ignoring the comments and remarks of judgmental people who enjoy to say anything just because they think it’s funny. If anything the judgment from others has pushed me to do more, I’ve learnt to just deal with it because with everything you do people will always say something, so I may as well give them something to talk about. So when I decided to finally start my YouTube I was excited for what comes next.

So just a thank you to everyone who has supported me and even to the people who laugh and find it funny to tweet and comment on what I’m doing as well as others blogging and doing the same thing, Because I’m so lucky to find something I genuinely enjoy and I’m happy with doing right now and I’m forever grateful for the opportunities it has given me, hope you guys enjoy seeing what I get up to and like all the content I post, maybe you’ll join me on my YouTube chapter also.

I appreciate all suggestions and ideas you guys might have and that goes for my YouTube as well.

My YouTube is Charlotte Reid if you want to check it out and give my channel a subscribe. I’ll link it below for you all x

Speak soon, Char xo

Comfort is key ๐Ÿ”‘

So just want to start by saying I hope everyone had a fab Christmas and new year ( better late than never) . Anyways it’s been a super busy few weeks so not been able to post much but thought I’d share an absolute steal with you guys. I honestly have to say that comfort for any outfit is so important for me, The winter bod is out and bikini bod ( crosses fingers ) is hopefully in progress, so in the meantime I’ll be sticking to my ‘comfies’.

I’ve been living in loungewear and tracksuits and I’m obsessed with this one from rebellious fashion so I just had to share it with you girls.

Not only does it look SUPER CUTE! I was so surprised at how amazing quality this was and how comfortable it was to lounge about in.

I like the sporty feel it has with the track stripes but I just love how cute it looks while being super comfortable.

Also for it being a tracksuit I feel it looks very well put together and as if you’ve made effort with your outfit ( without really doing anything).

So if your looking for a super cute and comfy outfit then this is a MUST HAVE in your wardrobe. As I said before it’s from Rebellious Fashion and the product code is TJ6505 . ( it comes in a few diff colours of grey isn’t your thing).

Also just a wee note to say rebellious haven’t asked me to do this but I just wanted to share with you my opinion and because I was genuinely impressed by the fabric quality and how flattering it looks when worn for something being so comfortable.

Speak soon girlies , much love

Char xo

Willow lane December shoot

So I got asked to work with willow lane for their December shoot and thought I’d share some of the day with you guys.

As well as photographing the looks we were to style each item as we would normally to show variety, Hope you guys enjoy the clips – char x


So for this video I was to style willow lanes zebra print wrap dress! Watch how I put the look together.

So I added a black eyelet belt around the dress and looped it at the front as it was too long, A pair of black zipped patent boots and a Perspex bag with black detailing & to break it all up I wore my missy empire pink coat. (HOW AMAZING IS IT!!!). This is just one way I would have styled this outfit.

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a photo in this look!

Dress: willow lane fashion

Belt : PLT

Boots : Missguided

Bag : PLT

Coat : Missy Empire


The second look was to style this satin chain print shirt dress.

I wore it with a gold chain belt to add shape to the dress, a pair of Perspex mule heels, a faux fur camel jacket and a crocodile tan mini bag. I also wore some gold earrings and initial necklace for subtle accessories.

Shirt dress : willow lane fashion

Chain belt : ASOS

Bag : Topshop

Heels : Missguided

Jacket : H&M


So the top was the key piece to style around in this look so watch how I put it together!

I added a black belt again to the top, black leather trousers, thing high boots, black chain bag and a black teddy jacket over the shoulders just so the attention was kept to the detail in the top.

Top: Willow Lane Fashion

Trousers : Stradivarius

Boots : Hidden Fashion

Bag : Carvela

Jacket : Quiz


The skirt was to be styled around in this outfit and I thought I’d change it up a bit! I really loved this outfit because as well as it being cute, it was extremely comfy.

So I decided to go for a baggy relaxed feel instead of my usual fitted and flared combo. I wanted to style this skirt in a way that it could be worn not just in summer but even in winter with a cosy jumper.

These cable knit oversized funnel neck jumpers are really in ATM and there is no wondering why!. I still opted for a black belt just so there was a little shape and the outfit looked a bit more put together. I then added my black Perspex boots and Perspex bag.

Skirt : Willow Lane Fashion

Jumper : Missy Empire

Belt : PLT

Bag : PLT

Boots : Missguided

So these were the four looks I styled and put together and I hope you guys enjoyed!! Willow lane have so many nice pieces in ATM so definitely check them out.

As well as this I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and best wishes for the New year!!

Speak soon – Char xxx

Rebellious fashion blogger Christmas dinner ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’

Hey dolls,

So on Friday night I was invited to a very exciting event with rebellious fashion.

This was their blogger Christmas dinner and it was at the new restaurant ‘So L.A’ opened on Glasgow’s Mitchell street. It was such a fab night with the rest of the rebellious gals and rebellious spoilt us rotten!!

So I went for an all pink look from rebellious with their lace bodysuit and belted cigarette trousers, you can never have too much pink!. (also how amazing are these personalised flowers from Mud Urban flowers).

I wore a silver choker and some embellished earring as well as my silver diamantรฉ bag from missy empire.

Going to show you guys some snippets from the night as well so I hope you enjoy!

And yes that is our names personalised on a bottle of Irn Bru.

And I also can’t get over the generosity from rebellious for my Christmas presents! And for the companies as well.

Of course the flowers get an extra feature because they are just so preeetttttttttyyyy!!!.

This was such a fun girly night with everyone and was so overwhelmed with the generosity from the companies involved, I highly recommend checking out ‘So L.A’ and also having a wee browse over on rebellious as they always have good deals and offers on as well as having amazing pieces.

Also just want to say a thank you for having me along and for everyone who has supported me with my blog so far. I know there can be a lot of negativity and judgment from people however, I’m really at such a good place and enjoying what I’m doing. I’ve had the opportunity of working with such amazing companies and meeting so many lovely inspiring people and I’m really grateful and overwhelmed by how quickly it’s all happened. So thank you to those who read my blog and send me your kind messages of support! Nothing goes unnoticed.

Enough of the soppy stuff but hope you enjoyed this wee post and got a taster of some of the events I have the opportunity of going too!!. – Char xxx












SoL.A Glasgow Mitchel street

Unicorn latte dates

Hey guys! So thought I’d post about this cute lil outfit I put together! Hope you like it , char xo

So I got sent this gorgeous little neon pink cropped jumper from femme luxe finery. I thought I’d pair it with a black buckle leather skirt, my black zip boots and a wee leopard print bag to break up the black and throw in a mix of print!.

I loved this outfit as it was simple and could be worn to lots of different things. I feel coming into winter you need a good leather skirt to pair with your big cosy knits and boots to add a bit of cuteness. I got mine from Topshop for ยฃ32 and I love the fit!!. I also really like that the buckle and zip details aren’t just details but you can use the buckles to adjust the fit and style also. I’ve tagged the full outfit on my 21 buttons if you want a direct link to each item!

I decided to wear this outfit to a little coffee date in Glasgow. And wait till you see my latte….


So there was a new cafe opened in Glasgow, called Okashi. it’s super cute and dare I say it ‘instagramable’. Flower walls, super cute interior and the cutest coffees and cakes.Just if any of you are wondering I got the Unicorn Latte and yes that is candy floss with sprinkles on top of my PINK latte.

Unicorn latte and red velvet mocha. ( DREAMMMYYYYYY)

Also, not as photogenic but definitely one of the tastiest sandwiches I’ve ever had. This is such a cute little lunch spot to go with the girls or your mum (Not sure boyfriends would be particularly happy sitting in a cafe of pink and flowers).

Hope you guys liked this post and let me know if you want me to post anything !! I’d love to hear what you all think. Thanks again, speak soon, Char xo

Blazer Styles

So I think lots of you may know I’m a big fan of wearing blazers.

Blazers can be worn dressier in a two piece suit/skirt or a pair of heels And causal with a hoodie and trainers, they are really versatile and can add a bit of boldness to your outfit even if it’s just jeans and a t-shirt.

I’d say a blazer is a go to when trying to think of an outfit for a ‘smart casual’ occasion so I thought I’d show you guys just a few examples of some of the ways I’ve styled mine previously.

Worn over an outfit to add a bit of colour and create a bolder look. Sat over shoulders to appear more relaxed and causal.

Worn together as a two piece suit for a cute dressy outfit to afternoon tea.

Blazer worn as dress with heels for a night out look.

Worn with a hoodie and leather trousers to finish off the outfit.

Worn over outfit with a belt to add shape and colour.

Trainer & blazer look

Worn as two piece.

Complimented colours in top and finished off the look.

Mix print and colour

These are just some of the outfits I have put together. I love wearing blazers as they can make you feel like you’ve made that little bit extra effort with your outfit and can be worn so many ways to create different looks.

Speak soon – love Char xx

Aberdeen Trip

So I decided to take a little trip to Aberdeen as my friend goes to uni there..

I thought I’d do a wee blog post on my trip and show you guys some of the outfits I put together while I was away!

I lovvvedddd this outfit as it was comfy and casual and I’m OBSESSED with neon atm! Paper bag jeans are such a flattering and comfy style of jean and can be worn with anything and add a little something extra to your outfit.

I wore paper bag jeans with a cropper neon yellow thin jumper. I then kept jewellery quite simple and wore my white court heels and checkered bag.

Also obsessed with white mochas from Starbucks!!!

(sad I didn’t get a Christmas cup)

Top – Zara

Jeans – PLT

Shoes – Topshop

Bag – Topshop

So we were heading out for dinner and drinks at Revolution! I decided to go for a smart casual outfit.

I wore a black graphic Tee, a cord Lilac Blazer and leather trousers. I paired this with my clear mule heels and a clear bag!

For jewellery I wore a pair of gold large hoops and a gold necklace to match the gold chain on my bag! I can never mix silver and gold , absolute pet hate!!

Also, our drinks and food was 110% as yummy as it looks!

Top – Zara

Blazer – Primark

Trousers – Stradivarius

Heels – PLT

Bag – Asos

Earrings – H&M

(can you tell I like blazers)

So I wore a hoodie underneath this gorgeous checked blazer , (which was ยฃ17!!!)

I wore it with my leather trousers instead of a pair of jeans , my white court heels and this cute little bag !! I like to mix and match different prints as I think it can make a really nice contrast to your outfit and make your outfit a bit more unique to anyone else’s!!

Blazer – Primark – ยฃ17!!!!

Hoodie – PLT

Leather trousers – Stradivarius

Bag – New look

Shoes – Topshop

Coming up to Christmas I love to wear a bit of sparkle… This jacket gives more than just a bit of that!.

I thought it would be nice to wear quite a plain outfit as I didn’t want to take away any attention from this jacket so I opted for all black.

I wore a plain black top with ruched detail, my leather trousers ( am I ever out of these ) and my Balenciagas.

I felt that this outfit didn’t need any jewellery as the detail and bling is all in the jacket.

I also decided to do a cute little half up half down hair style with a messy bun as I thought it looked quite cool with the jacket and not all my hair was hiding detail from the jacket.

Jacket – Asos

Top – River Island

Trousers – Stradivarius

Shoes – Balenciaga @ Cruise

This jacket is to amazing so deserves a 4th pic :)!!

Hope you guys liked this post!! All the links to these outfits will be tagged on my 21 buttons so keep your eyes peeled.

Speak soon ..

Lots of love – Char xxx