So since early high school I can remember watching so many YouTubers and just wanting to do what they were doing and I just wanted to get myself involved.

I found the whole idea of YouTube so fascinating and I just wanted to do one myself. However at that age especially, you worry about what everyone thinks of you.

I feel there is something very intimidating about doing something that not a lot of people would think about doing themselves, which is a shame because we should push ourselves and each other to do exactly that and be excited and have a sense of pride in doing so.

I struggled with self confidence and trying to ‘fit in’, even now, I still worry about not fitting in. However, I don’t know why I’d want to fit in to be the same as everyone else (that’s boring) when I can be myself surrounded by my own bubble of people who like me for being me?

When I first started up my blog I was nervous and really worried about what people would say and I knew that if I wanted to do well I had to put the idea of negativity and judgment from others Aside. In the very short but amazing months so far since starting up my blog and starting this journey, I’ve met so many amazing people, been invited to exciting events and getting to work with some well established brands. And I don’t think I could be happier or more proud of myself for ignoring the comments and remarks of judgmental people who enjoy to say anything just because they think it’s funny. If anything the judgment from others has pushed me to do more, I’ve learnt to just deal with it because with everything you do people will always say something, so I may as well give them something to talk about. So when I decided to finally start my YouTube I was excited for what comes next.

So just a thank you to everyone who has supported me and even to the people who laugh and find it funny to tweet and comment on what I’m doing as well as others blogging and doing the same thing, Because I’m so lucky to find something I genuinely enjoy and I’m happy with doing right now and I’m forever grateful for the opportunities it has given me, hope you guys enjoy seeing what I get up to and like all the content I post, maybe you’ll join me on my YouTube chapter also.

I appreciate all suggestions and ideas you guys might have and that goes for my YouTube as well.

My YouTube is Charlotte Reid if you want to check it out and give my channel a subscribe. I’ll link it below for you all x

Speak soon, Char xo

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