Drive in movie – Halloween👻🍿

Hiiii guys!! So it’s been a wee while and I’ve been super busy but I’ve been up to some exciting stuff. I just thought I’d let you see what I have been up to in my spare time. So those of you who know me will know I loveeeee going to the cinema, but what I love more is being able to have the comfort of being at home while having the cinema experience. (Also a good effort from me getting myself out of bed) .

What better way to do it than going to a drive in movie!!! – me and Calum went to the drive in last year and loved it so came back again because it’s just so exciting!. We went to see ‘the shining’ for Halloween and it was fab. ( the pizza sharer combo deal really topped it off) .

As I like to be comfy I wore the cutest and comfiest little tracksuit from FemmeLuxefinery . I love this as it’s such a flattering fit and style to have for a tracksuit while still being comfortable. Also loved the colour as I don’t tend to wear much else than duller comfy clothes.

– char cx

Tracksuit – FemmeLuxeFinery –

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