Cinema double date 🍿

When going to the cinema you want to be comfy and cosy. Just as if you are watching the movie at home in your PJ’s.

I decided what’s more comfortable and still looks like you made a bit of effort than a maxi dress. You don’t need to worry about how it’s sitting or if you see that lil food baby after eating one to many nachos and having a Large Ice blast. So it’s perfect!!

I got this orange strappy maxi dress from FemmeLuxe. I wore it with a baggy cosy cardigan and my trainers to keep it comfy and casual ( also to use as a blanket when something scary happens ) , and of course I managed to add a bit of leopard print in there with my Shoulder bag from Topshop.

Also extremely recommend the LUXE cinema if u want the VIP treatment when watching a film.

Dress – FemmeLuxe –

Cardigan- Primark – £13

Shoes – Valentino

Bag – Topshop – £29

If you want to see other cute bits like my maxi dress head over to FemmeLuxe Instagram page or their website! On this link! –

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